We do take walk-ins, however if we are with a client you may need to schedule a consultation. Stop by anytime during normal business hours and see if we are free. 

Consultations are free and recommended. The consultation will last approximately 15 minutes to review your vision, location, size and detail. If you do not have a booking, at the end of the consultation we will set up the booking. We will require the standard $100 deposit to hold your spot.

The cost of your tattoo will all depend on its size, location, amount of detail, and the time needed to complete it. Pricing starts at $100 (shop minimum) for smaller tattoos and goes up from there. For larger projects, pricing is determined by the length of the session and whether or not the tattoo is black & grey or color. Sessions are priced according to your artist’s hourly rate, which can vary.

Please bring a government-issued ID or Tribal ID with you to your appointment. Also please bring any reference material you may have with you. On the day of your tattoo appointment please bring anything your artist requested of you at your consultation. 

General rule of thumb: the clearer, the better. Dry, chaffed, sunburned, irritated, and/or broken out skin will not tattoo well and will ultimately hinder the quality of your tattoo once healed. If you are suffering from any type of skin issue, we may ask you to choose another area to have us tattoo or reschedule your appointment.

We ask that you limit your visitors to only 1 extra person with you in the studio at a time. Contact your artist directly to see if we can accommodate an exception for special circumstances. No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the shop. This includes the lobby and bathrooms.

If you are sick reschedule and stay home.  Our artists reserve the right to cancel your appointment on the spot if you show up for your tattoo visibly unwell. 

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